1. One Year Multiple Entry Non Immigrant Visa
This one year visa will permit you to remain 90 days for every section, with in the One Year Period. Assuming that you might want to remain in Thailand for longer than 90 days then you will just need to do go cross the boundary or pass on Thailand and return to recharge your 90 days Visa. It is easy to expand your visit, you simply cross the line and when the Immigration official demonstrates your visa in your identification. They will naturally stamp a visa in the identification. That implies your visa has been as of now broadened. You might go in Thailand's adjoining nations or you can promptly back to Thailand.
With this One Year Non-Immigrant Visa from oversea, you will actually want to get a work license and apply for the Business Visa in Thailand or on the other hand on the off chance that you are qualify; you can likewise change this over completely to a Retirement or Marriage Visa while you are in Thailand, which will give you a One Year continuous stay in Thailand.
Furthermore, in the event that you use your visa the last time not long before it terminate, you will get an additional a 3 months, so the all out legitimacy of this one year visa will be almost 15 months.
2. Business Visa
All outsiders who mean to work/direct business in Thailand, they are expected to give the accompanying reports from organizations, subsidiaries or establishments in Thailand:
2.1 Original Invitation Letter from organizations where you will partake in them
2.2 Business enrollment
2.3 List of investors
2.4 Company profile
2.5 Details of business activity
2.6 Map of the organization
2.7 List of outsider workers
2.8 Balance sheet, articulation of Income Tax (Por Ngor Dor 50) and Business Tax (Por Ngor Dor 30) for the most recent year
3. Retirement Visa
To apply for a Retirement Visa in Thailand, you should have the option to show your monetary proof between :
3.1 THAILAND BANK ACCOUNT SHOWING THB 800,000 (should have the option to show the proof of move the cash to your Thai Bank record and this amount of cash should be depositted in your financial balance something like 3 months) OR
3.2 PENSION/MONTHLY INCOME OF AT LEAST THB 65,000 (should introduce a letter from your international safe haven to demonstrate the benefits and the letter from the public authority or government managed retirement) Both of archives should be guaranteed by your consulate in Bangkok too.
In the event that you don't have the benefits, I would prescribe you to open a Thai Bank Account straightaway in light of the fact that as I proposed you, your cash of something like 800,000 Bahts or more should be depositted in your Thai Bank Account for 90 days prior to applying for a Retirement Visa. Then you need to request that your Thai bank issue the confirmed letter and furthermore need to show the proof of move your cash from your side when you present the visa application at the migration office.
For the handling methodology of a Retirement Visa, we will initially assist you with getting a 90 Days Non Immigrant O Visa, we will send your our survey email for the visa application. Then you need to answer us your own data for us finished in the application structure. The subsequent stage, we will send you back our pre-arranged records and you need to print them out, sign your name in our pre-arranged application structure and different archives prior to mailing your visa and reports to the Thai Consulate in your country as we teach. You can get a visa stepped on your identification in no less than seven days once the Thai Consulate accepted your visa application's records. At the point when you showed up in Thailand with a 90 Days visa, we will go with you to your government office in Bangkok for getting the annuity guaranteed letter. When you got the affirmed letter, you simply need to hold on until your 90 days has stayed no less than 3 a month prior to it terminates. The last advance, we will go along with you at the Immigration Office alongside your monetary proof for stretching out from a 90 Days Non Immigrant O Visa to a One Year Retirement Visa.
4. Marriage Visa
To apply for a Marriage Visa, you want to show your monetary proof as the month to month pay of no less than 40,000 Bahts. This pay can be displayed as a "joined pay" and furthermore ready to incorporate both the couple's pay.
- Hitched to Thai Citizen, should give a marriage authentication
- 40,000 Baht each month pay.
For the monetary proof, you can pick the most proper proof from the accompanying choices:
Choice 4.1 For the situation of working inside Thailand: You should give your work grant and tax assessment records.
Choice 4.2 For the situation of Working external Thailand: You should turn out a guaranteed revenue explanation from your international safe haven. You may likewise be mentioned to give a letter from your manager, or different archives to help the verification of pay, for example, your bank proclamations.
Choice 4.3 For the situation of Spouse's pay: Spouse should give his/her tax collection records.
For the handling techniques of a Marriage Visa, it is like a Retirement Visa. We will assist you with getting a 90 Days Non Immigrant O Visa from your nation prior to switching over completely to a Marriage Visa when you showed up in Thailand.
5. Instruction Visa
To apply for an Education Visa, you should give the first acknowledgment/greeting letter from the schools, colleges or organizations in Kingdom of Thailand indicating the name of candidate, identification number, most recent instructive foundation and length of the course. The candidate ought to likewise give the schools/colleges or foundations' enlistment authenticated by approved chief.

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